We have significant experience and capability in delivering solutions to industry. Below is an outline of our general capability, and below that is a more detailed exploration into Signal and Image Processing, along with our capability in those areas. Please contact us if you think we could help provide technology solutions to your business.

Experience & General capability


Business & Innovation


30 years combined experience as professional R&D electronic engineers, specialising in delivering new and novel electronic and software solutions for a variety of sectors and industries.

Significant experience in industry-driven projects from short or exploratory development through to 6+ year collaborative science programmes.

Specialists in solving problems and developing complete solutions for industry.

Extensive network of industry and commercial partners and collaborators.

Substantial experience in group, resource, and project management.

Project Management:

- Scoping, planning, execution, delivery

- Risk management

- Client communication, documentation, and reporting

- Compliance

General management:

- Resource, sub-contractor & personnel management

Intellectual Property:

- Solution creation

- Development of IP

- Confidentiality & protection via trade-secrecy or patents

Funding applications:

- Understanding and experience in New Zealand’s business and science funding processes

Electronics & Hardware

- Hardware interfacing (microcontroller/PC/Android)

- Design, development, testing, construction

- Sensor design and development

- Rapid prototyping

- 3D Printing

Vision, camera, & data analysis:

- Signal processing and data extraction

- Real-time image processing and machine vision

- AI development and integration

- Colour analysis

- Spectrometer / multispectral / hyperspectral imaging

- LIDAR data processing

- Camera control and illumination


- Significant experience in C, C++, C#/.net, Java, Matlab

- Control systems and real-time user interfacing

- Embedded software

- Windows programming

- 3D data display and graphics

Signal & Data Processing Explored

What is signal processing?

Signal and data processing involves the analysis and extraction of data from any type of ‘signal’. These can be electronically recorded signals, stock market information, or data presented in a spreadsheet.

One of our core areas of expertise is in identifying and extracting data from such sources.

What can we do with it?

Among many of signal processing projects we have delivered, we have developed software to extract ultrasonic bat chirps from forest recordings, measured the composition of red meat from microwave sensors in processing lines, and tracked high-speed eye movements from laser scanning of the human eye. If we have signals, we can process them.

Image & Colour Processing Explored

What is image processing?

Image processing is a specialised subset of signal processing, involving the extraction of information from images. These range from monochromatic (grey scale) through to hyperspectral (up to hundreds of channels).

Our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees solved image processing based problems such as extraction of data from satellite imagery, and colour-based detection and segmentation of shadows from video.

We have a comprehensive understanding of light, colour, cameras and imagery, from the fundamentals of photon generation through to measurement of electronic noise. We have developed algorithms that process RGB, multispectral, and hyperspectral data from a multitude of different sensors.


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